Sequels and Series

The Birthgrave Trilogy
  1. The Birthgrave
  2. Vazkor, Son Of Vazkor
  3. Quest For The White Witch
The Blood Opera Sequence
  1. Dark Dance
  2. Personal Darkness
  3. Darkness, I
  4. Scarabseque, The Girl Who Broke Dracula
The Colouring Books
  1. L'Amber
  2. Greyglass
  3. To Indigo
  4. Killing Violets (Gods' Dogs)
  5. Ivoria
  6. Cruel Pink
  7. Turquoiselle
The Elaidh Stories
  1. Girls In Green Dresses
  2. The Sea Was In Her Eyes
The Four-BEE Series
  1. Don't Bite The Sun
  2. Drinking Sapphire Wine
The Jaisel Stories
  1. Northern Chess
  2. Southern Lights
The Journals Of St. Strange
  1. The Story Told By Smoke
  2. Old Flame
The Lionwolf Trilogy
  1. Cast A Bright Shadow
  2. Here In Cold Hell
  3. No Flame But Mine
The Marcheval Stories
  1. Idoll
  2. Not Stopping at Heaven
  3. The Portrait in Gray
The Novels Of Vis
  1. The Storm Lord
  2. Anackire
  3. The White Serpent
The Piratica Series
  1. Piratica
  2. Piratica II
  3. Piratica III
The Secret Books Of Paradys
  1. The Book Of The Damned
  2. The Book Of The Beast
  3. The Book Of The Dead
  4. The Book Of The Mad
  5. Doll Skulls
The Secret Books Of Petragravia
  1. Lace-Maker, Blade-Taker, Grave-Breaker, Priest
  2. Strindberg's Ghost Sonata
The Secret Books Of Venus
  1. Faces Under Water
  2. Saint Fire
  3. A Bed Of Earth
  4. Venus Preserved
The S.I.L.V.E.R. Series
  1. The Silver Metal Lover
  2. Metallic Love
Tales From The Flat Earth
  1. Night's Master
  2. Death's Master
  3. Delusion's Master
  4. Delirium's Mistress
  5. Night's Sorceries
  6. I Bring You Forever
  7. The Man Who Stole The Moon
  8. The Origin Of Snow
  9. The Snake
  10. Our Lady Of Scarlet
  11. The Pain Of Glass
The Unicorn Series
  1. Black Unicorn
  2. Gold Unicorn
  3. Red Unicorn
The Wolf Tower Sequence
aka: The Claidi Journals
  1. Law Of The Wolf Tower (US title: Wolf Tower)
  2. Wolf Star Rise (US title: Wolf Star)
  3. Queen Of The Wolves (US title: Wolf Queen)
  4. Wolf Wing

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