Work for Radio and Television

Radio Plays

Tanith Lee wrote the scripts for the following radio plays, which were broadcast on the BBC on the programmes and dates indicated:

An adaptation of the short story Prince Amilec was broadcast on the BBC programme For Schools on 16 February 1990. Tanith Lee did not write the script for this adaptation.

Television Scripts

Scripts for two episodes of the BBC television series Blake's 7 were written by Tanith Lee:

*Sarcophagus". (Series C, Episode 9). 3 March 1980. Directed by Fiona Cumming.

After investigating an unnamed alien spaceship, Cally is taken over by a strange entity that assumes her form and begins to drain all energy from the Liberator. Only Avon is able to stand up to it and help Cally defeat the creature. Dayna's Song by Tanith Lee. (Roger Fulton, The Encyclopedia Of TV Science Fiction)

*Sand. (Series D, Episode 9). 23 November 1981. Directed by Vivienne Cozens.

Following up Federation concern over a lost expedition, Tarrant finds himself alone with Servalan on a planet where the sand is alive - and deadly. (Roger Fulton, The Encyclopedia Of TV Science Fiction)

Radio Broadcasts

Radio broadcasts of short stories, novellas, and novels:

Works For Television

Some time after the second Blake's 7 script, Tanith Lee was asked by the BBC to submit a script for Doctor Who. She did a proposal, but since she hadn’t been watching the series for a while she happened to use an idea that they’d recently used for another episode. As a result, the proposal was rejected. She did another proposal to replace it, which they just plain didn’t seem to like. Nothing more came of it. No actual script was ever written. (information provided by Calle Dybedahl).

An adaptation of the short story Nunc Dimittis was broadcast as an episode of the made-for-cable anthology series The Hunger in 1999. The script was written by Gerald Wexler, the episode was directed by Russell Mulcahy, and introduced by David Bowie. The series was produced by Terence Stamp. It starred David Warner, Jacob Tierney and Marina Orsini. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

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