<html> <head> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.daughterofthenight.com/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon"> <title>Tanith Lee Bibliography - What's New?</title> </head> <body BGCOLOR="#FFFBC6"> <h2 ALIGN="CENTER">What's New?</h2> <hr NOSHADE> <p><b>24 June 2018<br> </b>I have a very brief update for today. I added a listing and a cover scan for the DAW re-release of <a href="tla002.html#A.13"><i>Companions On The Road & The Winter Players: Two Novellas</i></a>. This came out in early June. Please bear in mind that this publication is misleading. While it contains both novellas, only <i>ompanions On The Road</i> is indicated on the cover and on the title page. Only in the table of contents are both publications listed. So please make a note of that.</p> <p><b>13 May 2018<br> </b>Hello again, and thank you for checking into this update. I have a a few updates today. The first one is a fun one. With thanks to Craig Gidney, I have added <a href=" https://www.amazon.com/Barron-To-Wehunt/dp/B07C1BVFR8/ref=sr_1_6?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1526251748&sr=1-6&keywords=wieslander+trunk">this little gem</a>. It's a song by Mans Wieslander called "Barron to Wehunt" and name checks many, many weird fiction authors, Tanith Lee among them. It's very cool. Please check it out.</p> <p><b>13 May 2018<br> </b>Secondly, I want to thank Storm Constantine and Immanion Press for sending me copies of <a href="tla009.html#A.133"><i>Venus Burning: Realms: The Collected Short Stories From ' Realms Of Fantasy'</i></a>. This was released in late April and collects all but two of the stories (one a brief reading list by Tanith Lee and the other a non-fiction piece, both of which Storm has graciously sent to me in pdf form). I have added a listing for the omnibus anthology, a cover scan, and listings for all the individual stories contained within.</p> <p><b>13 May 2018<br> </b>Lastly, I want to announce that my fellow librarian (librarians rule!!!), Nicole Platania, has been brought on board to help me with the the ebooks in the bibliography. I have needed help here for a lot of years and I finally asked her and, happily, she accepted, much to my relief. I am not getting any younger, regardless, and she will also be able to edit and add to the bibliography should anything happen to me. So, thank you from the bottom of my little heart. You cannot imagine just how much I appreciate her help.</p> <p><b>4 March 2018<br> </b>Happy March, everyone. I have a very brief updates for today. For my first one, I am adding a listing for the Immanion Press for their repint of <a href="tla006.html#A.61"> <i>Personal Darkness</i></a>. It's good to have this back in print, after so many years.</p> <p><b>1 January 2018<br> </b>Hello eveyone and happy new year. I hope that 2018 will bring health and happiness to all the readers of Daughter of the Night and to Tanith Lee fans, wherever they may be in the world. I have a few updates today so let's begin. First, I have added a listing, a cover scan and listing for the individual stories in the NewCon Press festschrift anthology <a href="tla008.html#A.132"><i>Tanith By Choice</i></a>. If you will remember this was released in September of last year but, for a few reasons, I was not able to add it until now. I want to thank Ian Whates, the man behind NewCon Press for entrusting me with the copy proofing of the raw files and for sending me copies of the book.</p> <p><b>1 January 2018<br> </b>For my second update I added a listing and a cover scan for the Immanion Press reissue of <a href="tla006.html#A.50"><i>Madame Two Swords</i></a>. It's great to have this back in print. The only release of this previously was a limited edition of 600 copies which came out in 1988 and now fetches high prices on the used market. This has long been one of my favorite works by Tanith and I am glad that more people will be able to read this now.</p> <p><b>1 January 2018<br> </b>For my last update today I added a listing and a cover scan for the Immanion Press reissue of <a href="tla002.html#A.59"><i>Dark Dance</i></a>. The Blood Opera series is a favorite of Tanith Lee fans all over the world and it's great to see these back in print. Expect the rest to come out from Immanion in 2018.</p> <p><b>17 December 2017<br> </b>Hello all. I have a very brief update for today. I added a listing and a cover scan foe the DAW reissue of <a href="tla009.html#A.47"><i>The White Serpent: A Novel Of Vis</i></a>. This was released earlier this month but I have only had the time for an update now. Though the new releases from Immanion and NewCon Press are on their way to me, I believe that this will be my last update for the year. When I see you next it will be January, 2018.</p> <p><b>21 October 2017<br> </b>I have some really super cool news for today's update! I found the first Tanith Lee translation in the Chinese language. Yiying helped me to puzzle this one out and informed me that it is in simplified Chinese characters. So thank you, Yiying. So I have added a listing for my first Chinese translation for <a href="tla008.html#A.29"><i>The Silver Metal Lover</i></a>. This was released in 2013. Yiying had a look around for me and it seems to be the only one so far and has promised to be on the lookout for others. I hope there will be. That's really my only update for today. More later. Thanks for checking this one out.</p> <p><b>9 October 2017<br> </b>Hello everyone, it's been some time but I have an update for you today so let's get started, shall we? My first task was to add a listing in the Seconday References for "Weird Beauty: The Weird Fiction of Tanith Lee" in <a href="http://weirdfictionreview.com/2017/09/weird-beauty-weird-fiction-tanith-lee/"> <i>Weird Ficton Review</i></a> by Craig Gidney.</p> <p><b>9 October 2017<br> </b>I also added a listing, and cover art page for the Immanion Press reprint of <a href="tla008.html#A.91"><i>Thirty-Four</i></a> by Tanith Lee writing as Esther Garber. This has just been re-released. The original Egerton House edition from 2004 is very much out of print and selling for significant amounts of money. I want to thank Storm, as always, for being a good guardian of Tanith's literary legacy and for sending me copies of this latest release from Immanion.</p> <p><b>10 August 2017<br> </b>Hello, everyone ... again. I have another very brief update today. I have received the new DAW reprint of <a href="tla001.html#A.34"><i>Anackire</i></a> and I have added a listing, and a cover scan for the book.</p> <p><b>10 August 2017<br> </b>The second update I have is about a new reprint anthology from NewCon Press called <i>Tanith By Choice</i>. It features 12 stories chosen by those who knew the author: Storm Constantine, Craig Gidney, Mavis Haut, Stephen Jones, John Kaiine (Tanith s widower), Vera Nazarian, Allison Rich (your humble bibliographer), Sarah Singleton, Kari Sperring, Sam Stone, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Freda Warrington, Nadia van der Westhuizen, and Ian Whates. Each story is accompanied by a note from the person responsible for selecting it explaining why this tale means so much to them. The stories included in the anthology are: <a HREF="tlb001.html#B.103">After The Guillotine</a>, <a HREF="tlb001.html#B.095">Bite-Me-Not Or, Fleur De Fur</a>, <a href="tlb002.html#B.272">Cold Fire</a>, <a href="tlb002.html#B.316">The Crow</a>, <a HREF="tlb003.html#B.239">The Ghost Of The Clock</a>, <a HREF="tlb003.html#B.069">The Gorgon</a>, <a HREF="tlb004.html#B.215">The Isle Is Full Of Noises</a>, <a HREF="tlb004.html#B.197">Jedella Ghost</a>, <a HREF="tlb005.html#B.092">Medra</a>, <a HREF="tlb007.html#B.029">Red As Blood</a>, <a href="tlb008.html#B.306">Taken At His Word</a>, and <a HREF="tlb009.html#B.140">White As Sin, Now</a>. This will be out in two simultaneous editons: a limited hardcover edition, which will be signed, and a trade paperback edition, released on October 10th. So that is my update for today. I might be a bit silent for a while because I forsee nothing coming out until this NewCon Press anthology. Thank you and see you soon, I hope.</p> <p><b>16 July 2017<br> </b>Hello, everyone. I have a brief update today. I have added a listing for the reprint of <a href="tlb003.html#B.028">"A Hero At The Gates"</a> in <i>Swords Against Darkness</i>, edited by Paula Guran. This was released in ealy July from Prime Books.</p> <p><b>16 July 2017<br> </b>My second update is about the DAW reissue of <a href="tla008.html#A.08"><i>The Storm Lord</i></a> was just released in early July. I have added a listing and a cover scan. More updates next month. See you soon.</p> <p><b>11 June 2017<br> </b>Hello, everyone. Happy Summer. I have a quick update today. I have received a copy of <a href="tla009.html#A.131"><i>The Weird Tales Of Tanith Lee</i></a> from Storm Constantine at Immanion Press and added a listing, a scan and all the hyperlinks for the printed anthology and the ebook. This anthology collects the stories printed in <i>Weird Tales</i>, some of which have only ever appeared in the magazine and never before anthologized. Highly recommended!!</p> <p><b>7 May 2017<br> </b>Hello, everyone. I have a very brief update for today. I added the novel and the separate storief of <a href="tla006.html#A.44"><i>Night's Sorceries: A Book Of The Flat Earth</i></a>. which was released on May 2nd from DAW. Please note, however, whereas the other Flat Earth Series reprints had intorductions by the author, this one does not, for whatever reason. There are a few anthologies coming up with Tanith Lee stories in them next month, so please look for those. Thanks. See everyone, soon. </p> <p><b>9 April 2017<br> </b>Happy Spring to everyone in the northern hempshere. To all of you in the southern hemisphere, happy Winter. I have a hairly large updpate for today. So, for my first update, I have added a listing for the new DAW reprint of <a href="tla003.html#A.42"><i>Delirium's Mistress</i></a>. This was just released about a week ago. And, as with the previous rereleases, DAW has done a beautiful job.</p> <p><b>9 April 2017<br> </b>I have also added the other major DAW release which came out this month. <a href="tla007.html#A.130"><i>Redder Than Blood</i></a> is a reissue of <a href="tla007.html#A.32"> <i>Red As Blood, Or, Tales From The Sisters Grimmer</i></a> but a wholely new anthology of reprinted reworked fairy tales, of which two (not three as the volumes purports) are unpublished. I have added a listing, a cover scan, and two summaries for the unpublsihed stories. It was also released for the Kindle.</p> <p><b>9 April 2017<br> </b>My last update is thanks to Pat in Florida and Craig Gidney. They both alerted me to a really lovely web stoory by Genevieve Valentine on March 26th called "Tale As Old As Time: The Dark Appeal of 'Beauty And The Beast'", on the <a href="http://www.npr.org/2017/03/26/515434292/tale-as-old-as-time-the-dark-appeal-of-beauty-and-the-beast"> National Public Radio Website</a>. This story mentions Tanith's love of fairy tales, the <a href="tla007.html#A.130"><i>Redder Than Blood</i></a> anthology from DAW, and the new collection of folklore stories entitled <i>Beauty and the Beast: Classic Tales About Animal Brides and Grooms from Around the World</i> by MariaTatar, published by Penguin Books. I have added that referece to the Secondary References page. There will likely be another update next month, so see you soon.</p> <p><b>14 March 2017<br> </b>Hello again, everyone. I have a very brief update today. I received in the mail the new DAW reprint of <a href="tla003.html#A.28><i>Delusion's Master</i></a> and I have added a listing for both the print and the e-book, and a scan for the cover page. As you can see from the chronology, the new DAW reprint of <a href="tla003.html#A.42"><i>Delirium's Mistress</i></a> and, perhaps more exciting, <i>Redder Than Blood</i>, also from DAW, come out next month.</p> <p><b>14 March 2017<br> </b>My other update today is courtesy of Craig Gidney who let me know that the e-book of <a href="tla001.html#A.129"><i>Animate Objects (Expanded Edition)</i></a>, which was released by Immanion last September, is finally out. So I added the listings for that one. Many thanks to Craig, as always. Stay tuned for another update next month.</p> <p><b>16 January 2017<br> </b>Happy February, everyone. I have a really exciting update today!! I can now happily report that Tanith's works have been translated into <b><i>twenty-one languages</b></i>. Cristian found a translation in his native language, Catalan, of <a href="tlb007.html#B.029">"Red As Blood"</a>. tranlated under the title "Vermella Com La Sang". I have, therefore, made a new language category for my translation page. Catalan is spoken in the north west region of Spain and is really its own language. Please note that I have kept the Spanish translations simply as Spanish ones, as I cannot go and change all of the listings and text I have entered heretofore, so please understand that. I don't want to get poltical here, so I will just leave it at that. However, I am so pleased at this. And, as always, many thanks and <i>petons</i> to Cristian!!</p> <p><b>16 January 2017<br> </b>Hello once again. I hope your collective new years are off to very good starts! I have a very brief update for today.I located on Ebay an anthology called <i>First Fantasies: Famous First Stories Of Fantasy Fiction Masters</i> with the story <a href="tlb002.html#B.017">"The Demoness"</a> included. This turned out to be a chapbook with six stories which was issued free to subscribers of the now defunct magazine <i>Realms of fantrasy</i> in 2001. So I snabbed that one up and now it's been added. Interestingly enough, a few days later Patty from Paradys alterted me to another copy which popped up on Enay. So thank you, Patty, for being vigilant with listing lacking from the bibliography. It is very much appreciated.</p> <p><b>1 January 2017<br> </b>Hello and happy new year everyone wherever in the world you may be. I have a few brief updates for today. The first comes from Cristian in Spain who has let me know of abother Spanish translation which I did not have indexed inthe boibliography. This one came out in October of 20015: <a href="tlb003.html#B.001">"Eustace"</a> (October). I found the anthology and purchased it and I have it in hand. As always, multas gracias and petons, Cristian.</p> <p><b>1 January 2017<br> </b>My second brief update comes from Craig. He let me know that one of the DAW reissues is coming out in the new year. From there I found a few more. To see what these I invite you to consult the latest <a href="tlchron5.html">cheonology page</a>. DAW seems to be quickening their pace with re-releasing these books and that is a nice thing to see. More later. For now, I wish all of you a very happy 2017 full of health and peace.</p> <p><b>6 November 2016<br> </b>Hello everyone. I have another very quick update for today. Today I have added a listing and a cover page fror the DAW Books reissue of <a HREF="tla003.html#A.18"><i>Death's Master</i></a>. This was just released on November 1st. It is alao available as an ebook from DAW and includes an introdction by the author which was written in 2009. More later.</p> <p><b>29 October 2016<br> </b>A very quick announcement today. I really had aspirations to be one of the last 50 people on planet earth without a Facebook account. But it has come to this. As some of you may have noticed, the Paradys Forum which was attached to this website became corrupted. My webhost could not fix it - and even though the posts were there, I could not make them display and I would have had to rebuild. Enter Facebook. This is really the easiest and most pain free solution and will expand the group even more. <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/192564874518493/">The Facebook forum is now located here</a>. It was built in the middle of this week with help from Nicole my co-moderator on the old forum and we are already 14 people, with more to come soon, I hope. So please visit there for updates on Tanith stuff and for updates about the bibliography. As before I hope that you will post notices arout forthcoming publications, reprints, and other Tanith things. It's a brave new world for me, I guess - and it kinf od had to be, I suppose. More later.</p> <p><b>2 October 2016<br> </b>Well, my friends, it's done. As far as I know I have now added ALL of the <a href="tltrans.html#Japanese">Japanese translations</a> to the bibliography. If I have missed anything or if you see an erroneous hyperlink, please let me know. I think I have checked them all but I might have missed a few. My head is swimming a bit. The odyssey of collection the Japanese translations has been a really fun one for me. The books they produce in Japan are really quite beautiful and I can now focus on collecting the German translations which remain. I can also continue to really push to get all of these ebooks in the bibliography. But, for today, I am done, done, and done.</p> <p><b>2 October 2016<br> </b>Another few updates for today, everyone. Firstly, Ricardo Santos sent me the name of the translator of <a href="tlb008.html#B.285">Bons Modos Mesa (Table Manners)</a>, a Portuguese translation, appeared in <i>Imortal, Histrias De Amor Eterno</i>, which was originally published as <i>Immortal: Love Stories With Bite</i> in 2010. Her name ia Carolina Caires Cooelho. Again, I want to thank Ricardo for sending the information about that Portuguese translation. If anyone sees any more I have missed please contact me. Obrigado, Richardo.</p> <p><b>2 October 2016<br> </b>My second bit of news is really cool. I have managed to collect and enter all of the <a href="tltrans.html#Japanese">Japanese translations</a> which are separate publications. I have yet to enter the contributions to books and periodicals but I will get there soon. I am really excited to have finally achieved this and I hope that there will be more. If anyone sees any which I have missed, please email me and let me know. Having completed the Japanese translation, I can now begin to work on collecting the <a href="tltrans.html#German">German translations</a> I have not found. I am really grateful to those people I have acknowledged who have helped me get to this point and also the Google translate application!! There will be more news later. Happy October!!</p> <p><b>25 September 2016<br> </b>I have two pieces of news today. Firstly, Ricardo Santos wrote me to let me know of a translation of which I had previously been unaware. <a href="tlb008.html#B.285">Bons Modos Mesa (Table Manners)</a>, a Portuguese translation, appeared in <i>Imortal, Histrias De Amor Eterno</i>, which was originally published as <i>Immortal: Love Stories With Bite</i> in 2010, as edited by P.C. Cast. I need one more pice of information for my listing (the name of the translator) but for now I have added that listing. Obrigado, Ricardo!!</p> <p><b>25 September 2016<br> </b>My sesond piece of news comes from Craig Gidney. Craig let me know that the short story <a href="tlb001.html#B.379">"Burn Her"</a>, which was printed in <i>ancing Through The Fire: A Collection Of Stories In Five Moves</i> was nominated for Washington (D.C.) Science Fiction Association's Small Press Award. So I have added that piece of information to the bibliography as well. As always, thank you, Craig.</p> <p><b>17 September 2016<br> </b>Hello again. I have two updates today. First, Storm Constantine sent me a copy of the <a href="tla001.html#A.129"><i>Animate Objects (Expanded Paperback Edition)</i></a>. This has just come out this week. I have added a listing, a cover scan and all the hyperlinks for the short stories. Again, my appreciation goes out to Storm Constantine for sendine me a copy.</p> <p><b>17 September 2016<br> </b>My second update is also thanks to Storm Constantine. A new anthology of original stories was released by Immanion Press called <i>Dark in the Day</i>. It contains a story called <a href="tlb001.html#B.383">"The Beast And The Beauty"</a>. Storm also sent me a copy of this anthology. And, as always, I thank her very much. Incidentally, she did all the illustrations for this anthology, as well as editing it.</p> <p><b>11 September 2016<br> </b>Hello all, again it has been some time since I wrote. I have two breif updates today. I wanted to add a recent reprint of the short story <a href="tlb004.html#B.194"> "I Bring You Forever"</a> which was reprinted in the anthology <i>Myriad Lands 2: Beyond The Edge</i> by Guardbridge Books. I want to thank the publisher and editor, David Stokes, for emailing me and letting me know about its publication.</p> <p><b>11 September 2016<br> </b>My second update is thanks to Marjo Kauppi in Finland who let me know of an unrecorded reprint of <a href="tlb007.html#B.204">"The Sky-Green Blues"</a>, which was released way back in October of 2000 in <i>The Mammoth Book Of Best New Science Fiction: 13th Annual Collection</i>, edited by Gardner Dozois. So I added that one. Well spotted Marjo, and many thanks, as always.</p> <p><b>11 September 2016<br> </b>Lastly, I wanted to mention again that DAW is going to be reissuing <a HREF="tla003.html#A.18"><i>Death's Master</i></a> on November 1, as well as publising an expanded edition of <a href="tla007.html#A32"><i>Red As Blood, Or, Tales Of The Sisters Grimmer</i></a> called <i>Redder Than Blood</i>. This will be coming out on April 1 of next year. I want to thank Craig Gidney, as always, for letting me know about this one.</p> <p><b>19 June 2016<br> </b>Hello all, it's been some time since my last update. Today my major update was to add a listing for the DAW Books reprint of <a href="tla006.html#A.17"><i>Night's Master</i></a>. These DAW reprints are also now only starting to be released as ebooks so I am adding listings for those. I have been adding other ebook reprints. You can find those in the <a href="tlchron5.html">Chronology for 2016</a>. I have loads more ebook listings to add, so please be patient with me regarding this truly Herculean endeavor!! More to come later.</p> <p><b>24 March 2016<br> </b>Today I have a small update on a sad anniversary. A year to the day this year, Tanith Lee passed away. She is not forgotten, far from it. I have a very brief update today to mark the day. Firstly Craig Gidney let me know that <a href="tla002.html#A.128">Dancing Through The Fire: A Collection Of Stories In Five Moves</a> has been nominated for a Locus Award. I made a notation of that in the listing. Secondly Ryan sent me an email alerting me to some forthcoming dates for the next DAW reprints. You will find those in the <a href="tlchron5.html">Chronology for 2016</a>. That's really all I have to say for today. I am going to light a candle for Tanith tonight to that energy out into the universe. Until soon.</p> <p><b>7 February 2016<br> </b>It's a been a month or so since my last update. I have two very brief things to add today. Firstly, I have added a listing for a reprint of <a href="tlb008.html#B.289">Under Fog (The Wreckers)</a> in <i>Obsidian: A Decade Of Horror Stories By Women</i>, edited by Ian Whates. Please note that this appears as an e-book only publication and is available from the usual suspects.</p> <p><b>7 February 2016<br> </b>Secondly, I have added the DAW reprint editiono of <a href="tla007.html#A.15"><i>Hunting The White Witch</i></a>, which, of course, is better known as <i>The Quest For The White Witch</i> and forms the thrid volume of the <a href="tlsequel.html#A1"><i>The Birthgrave Trilogy</i></a>. This was just rereleased on February 2. I have added the listing, and a scan. More later.</p> <p><b>18 January 2016<br> </b>Hello again, everyone. I have a very brief update today. Amazon listed the contents of the forthcoming New Con Press <b>e-book</b> only anthology <i>Obsidian: A Decade Of Horror Stories By Women</i>. The story is <a href="tlb008.html#B.289">Under Fog (The Wreckers)</a>. So I have added that the chronology. Again, this ebook will be released on January 29.</p> <p><b>3 January 2016<br> </b>Happy new year, everyone. I have a few brief updates for today. The main one is the addition of <a href="tlnieces.html"><i>Night's Neices: The Legacy of Tanith Lee</i></a> a festschrift volume in honor of Tanith Lee which was edited by Storm Constantine and published by Immanion press at the very end of last year. The volume is described in the secondary bibliography and contains no stories by the author herself. It is a beautiful production. I have added the contents, and a cover scan of the volume. Again, I want to thank Storm Constatine for sending me a copy of the book.</p> <p><b>3 January 2016<br> </b>There will be a story, title as yet unknown in unknown <i>Obsidian: A Decade Of Horror Stories By Women</i> forthcoming from New Con Press, January 29. The listing is present in Amazon but a table of contents is not yet up. Also Craig Gidney informs me that the <a href="tlsequel.html#S13"><i>Lionwolf Trilogy</i></a> and the <a href="tlsequel.html#S5"><i>The Secret Books Of Paradys</i></a> will be released in ebook format by Open Road Media in February. They don't yet seem to appear on Amazon but I will look closer to the relewase date for those.</p> <hr NOSHADE> <a HREF="http://www.daughterofthenight.com/"> <p><img SRC="topbtn.gif" BORDER="0" width="20" height="20">Return to Table of Contents</a> </p> </body> </html>