Music Inspired by Tanith Lee's Works

Psicodreamics - Azhdark Passion

Artist: Psicodreamics (i.e. Salvador Moreno).
Format: CD or MP3.
Running time: unknown.
Inpired by: Night's Master.
Azhdark Passion.
Track listing:
1. Azhdark Passion
2. The Sweetest Gift
3. The Garden of Strange Beings
4. Sleeping With the Demon
5. Song of the Living Night
6. The Sorcery
7. The Pleasure of Desire
8. The Forge
9. Floating in the River of Souls
10. The Queen and the Mask
11. Missing U
12. Morning Light
Label: Margen Records, 2004.
Info: In his new album the Spanish project Psicodreamics carry us to another dimension of sound. It's the story about Azhdark passion. A multimedia voyage between music, images and poetry where the electronic music is humanized with a great neoclassic and symphonic way. With this CD, the musician and composer from Valencia dive in the land of dreams and myths. Following Olfield, Vangelis, Gleisberg y Boddy trails, Azhdark Passion is a marvellous album full of stylistic surprises and musical majestic moments. This album is based upon a fantasy book entitled "Night's Master" written by Tanith Lee (this female writer is considered the queen of fantasy) about the adventures and misdeed of Azhrarn, the prince of demons, who lived in Underearth and came to surface at nightfall to torment the mortals. From this magnificent book Psicodreamics took the idea of making a music work where that story, that years ago moved him, became real.
Available from: Psicodreamics Website or CD Baby.

Artist: Julia Ecklar.
Format: CD or MP3.
Running time: 2:44.
Inspired by: The Silver Metal Lover.
Divine Intervention.
Track listing: 12. Silver
Label: CD Baby, 1986, reisssue, 2016.
Info: This one track is inspired by Tanith Lee's The Silver Metal Lover.
Available from: Amazon US.

Artist: Mans Wieslander.
Format: CD or MP3.
Running time: 7:52.
Trunk Novel.
Track listing: 6. Barron to Wehunt
Label: Margit Music, 2018.
Info: Tanith Lee, and many, many other Weird Fiction authors are name-checked in this song.
Available from: Amazon US.

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